Anesi Urban BlueDefense Serum 30ml

Anesi Urban BlueDefense Serum 30ml


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A lightweight protective serum to protect skin from damage caused by environmental pollution and PM 2.5 particles. Hyaluronic acid and plant oils help repair and restore healthy hydration. 30ml airless bottle with pump

5 in stock


Skin Benefits

  • Defend the skin from pollution.
  • Reduce signs of photoaging.
  • Restores circanian cycles.

Key Ingredients

  • Lingostem™ (cranberry seed oil) rich in antioxidants to repair and protect against photodamage. 
  • ALGAKTIV​®Z: Microalgae mixture to protect the skin from internal stress that causes premature damage. 
  • Baycusan®: Forms a protective barrier to block PM 2.5 and the absorption of pollutants. 
  • Vegetable oils: Hazelnut, Rice Seed and Copaiba Tree Resin. Reduces inflammation and nourishes. 
  • Hyaluronic Acid: Nature’s moisture magnet to hydrate and plump skin.

How to Use

Apply day and night to clean skin and follow with day and night creams as needed.


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