So the winter is here and we are using our central heating and get comfy in front of a warm open fire…Heaven!! Is there anything better than putting on the comfy clothes and taking off the make up at the end of a long day, I know in my house it’s done by the fire watching the soaps… Unfortunately though, that comforting heat, particularly central heating, can cause our skin to crave moisture, when this is not being drawn from the outside in, the skin begins to pull moisture from the inside out…bottom line…DRY SKIN!!! So how to we remedy this? Anesi Crème Confort for dry skin. This product is amazing! It has completely changed my skin for the better since I began to use it as my night cream. It contains Japanese Bloodgrass and Karite butter which instantly comforts and pampers the skin. Due to it’s 3D polarized water content, this cream penetrates the skin cell so you can enjoy long lasting hydration.

TIP: When using central heating it is always good to have a little bowl of water near the heater to vaporize the air….Gill x